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We respect your privacy.

VilPower understands and upholds your concerns towards privacy and we believe that it is your right to know how, when and why your data is collected. The information we collect from you enables us to offer better services and we do not share any of the collected data with any third- party vendors or sites. Our privacy policy provides information on the handling of personally identifiable information regulated by the European Union and the data will be used in compliance to applicable data privacy regulations.

This privacy policy details the personally identifiable data collected by VilPower Solutions India Private Limited., a company registered under the Indian Companies Act 1956, how the collected data is used, and the control that you can exercise over the data gathered when you visit VilPower Solutions India Private Limited website and express interest over our services through the websites and events conducted by us. We have taken care to state the content of this privacy policy in simple and easily understandable terms. In case of any queries in any part of this policy, please drop us a mail at

The information we collect

Information pertaining to you is collected in two ways - when information is given by you and the data we automatically collect when you browse our site.

  1. User-given information

    Whenever you sign up for any of our services or products, access insightful resources through download forms, fill in any of our website form to request more info on our services, and participate in surveys or events conducted by us you provide personally identifiable information including name, email, phone number, country, and company name.

    We use this for the benefit of providing you with the most appropriate services and a timely response to your queries. We will erase the collected information at your request but prior processing can’t be undone. We do not collect any information regarding payment cards, race, religion, and ethnicity.

  2. Log Information

    Apart from the information you submit through forms, we also gather data automatically when you visit our website via cookies and third- party analytics tools. Information collected includes the type of device used, IP address, location of user, date and time of page visit, page views, browser type, and average time spent per page.

    Tracking this information helps us provide relevant content and improve our on-page services.

  3. Social Media interactions

    When you engage with our brand through social media interactions such as likes, shares, posts, and comments through any of our social media handles, your basic profile information will be available and we may use this publicly seen information to connect with you for further service-related communications.

What we do with your information

All the information we collect inclusive of personal data is used to improve and enhance the service and support we extend to you. We have a legitimate interest in using your data for sending out important updates and giving you a personalized experience. We store the data with absolute data security measures and do not retain or reuse your data for more than its intended usage period. Ways in which we extend our services would include :

  1. Communicating product updates and revisions of our services
  2. Communications on offers, promotions, and events most relevant to you
  3. Improve on-page experience and quality of our services through cookie information
  4. Track trends in our products and services popularity
  5. Monitor proper usage of our subscribed product accounts

We encourage you to read this privacy policy carefully and understand the intent of the document. In case of any queries, concerns, or suggestions please feel free to drop us a note at or at the following address:

VilPower Solutions India Private Limited
228 Rajiv Nagar, Nallur
Alangulam Taluk,
Tenkasi District
Tamilnadu - 627853.
Phone : +91-4633-270381

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